Push Notification: Yes, it's back!

 By Sergio Phelipe. Published on December 13, 2020

Push Notification, despite being well known among mobile users, is still not a tool widely used by advertisers and advertising agencies. Yet.

Today we have two types of Push Notification mobile and we will separate them to make them easier to understand:

  • Push Notification Apps: Notifications we receive from apps installed on the mobile phone, regardless of the operating system. They are activated and triggered by the apps, usually to generate "traffic and access" directly to the respective app, such as transport, social networks, delivery and weather forecast.                                                             
  • Push Notification Ads: Notifications and alerts that we receive directly from brands and advertisers, regardless of the apps we have installed. The sending is based on the habits, preferences and browsing history of the user, whether by browser or apps. The type of communication tends to be wider, such as launches of a new cosmetic line, a car "trade fair", loans and even promotions and discount coupons from a major retailer.

The results obtained with this type of Push are incredible: while in standard mobile banner (SMB) campaigns we obtain CTRs of up to 3%, Push campaigns can register an increase of more than 50% in the number of clicks, reaching CTRs above 12%. And believe us: using the exact types of segmentation and targeting!   

In 2020, the solidification of this format became established in the digital market. By the middle of last year, 50% of our campaigns ran on Push Notification. In the second half of the year, almost 68% of the plans we received from our partners contained Push Notification in their strategies. A record number.

The origin of this success is the combination of different media strategies and campaign planning. The high target optimization, the countless forms of segmentation, whether by time, day and location, in addition to the simplicity and agility that the format provides, are determining factors for its success. Not to mention that this format is "outside" the main digital media platforms, making it innovative and vintage at the same time.

By 2021, the growth of this strategy tends to become even more solidified. The improvement in the forms of targeting and segmentation optimization is already in progress and the tests are very encouraging. There is still the expectation of inserting this format in the automated strategies of digital campaigns and integration with the advertisers' CRM. Get ready!

Did you like it? Start using Push Notification Ads in your digital strategy right away and get amazing results!   

Did you know that regardless of what type of notification, it is necessary that the user authorizes that reception. Specifically for Push Notification Ads, this point is fundamental: users authorize the receipt of advertising content from advertisers, making this type of notification extremely assertive and friendly