Media Sync - how to thrive in the multi-screen era?

By Lara Cocco. Published on April 11, 2019 

The multi-screening era is here. Do you know how to keep up with this media revolution?  

It’s a proven fact that people don’t consume media the way they used to do. Not so long ago, it was normal to sit on the couch and watch an entire TV show for a couple of hours without any distractions. But this is not our reality anymore. Today we watch television while scrolling, searching, liking, sharing, chatting, tweeting, forwarding, or doing whatever we feel like on another screen. According to Mumbrella, 94% of people are multi-screening while watching television

Furthermore, at the precise moment, the TV shows end or have a commercial break, we pick up our “screens” and direct our full attention to the mobile device in our hands. This brings the following questions:    

We multi-screen all the time, but it peaks during commercial breaks. Who has the time (and patience…) to watch commercials nowadays?  So, this brings us to the million-dollar question: how to impact a consumer during the commercial breaks when they are fully concentrated on the second screen? 

Well, there is a great strategy for this: MediaSync - synchronizes whatever is airing on TV or Radio with any type of digital campaign on the second (first!) screen.  

But how does this work?  

Our MediaSync proprietary technology, launched in 2017, track TV and radio broadcasting 24/7 and keeps a full live record on our platform’s database. Its algorithm detects the predetermined event (e.g. tv spot, competitors’ ad, sports match, etc.) and triggers a specific action in the digital world (activate a campaign, send a coupon, form for a test drive, click2call, etc.). 

This all happens in microseconds and leverages the results of both offline and digital campaigns since our subconscious keeps listening to what’s on tv/radio, even if we are only paying attention to the second screen (mobile).  

The digital campaigns can be activated in publishers, apps or social media platforms. A more detailed explanation of the MediaSync process can be seen in this video

 The MediaSync technology can get especially interesting when monitoring and syncing with competitors’ ads. The technology can trigger a digital advertising campaign of our client’s brand when the advertisement of competitor air, counter-attacking the competitor’s strategy in real-time (Guerilla Strategy).  

International case studies: 

    • South AfricaABSA used a MediaSync campaign to combine its own tv and radio spots, with competitor spots and boost the digital campaign (banners and videos) in Programmatic, Facebook and Google.     
    • Portugal: Gillette used a MediaSync campaign to drive online to offline sales by offering digital discount coupons while the TV ad was aired.  

It has been proven that MediaSync campaigns outperform “regular” digital campaigns, results include CTR and video views up to 4x higher when using MediaSync.

Working with MediaSync offers unique advantages to your brand and consumers, combining offline and online campaigns, optimizing KPIs and brand recall

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 YD Cheers.