The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Advertising

By Sergio Phelipe. Published January 10, 2019

One of the biggest trends for 2019 is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

How can these tools be implemented in advertising and why is this a good idea?

Consumers can be attracted and converted in a new and innovative way, which is a good way to keep up with the experiential marketing that has become the norm. AR and VR can assist in displaying what clients can expect from a product or service. It’s the visualization and experience that can add value to an advertisement.

Also, AR and VR can both be used by advertisers and marketers for short-form storytelling for brands and companies. They both allow for an interactive experience to be created around branded content. It also can be used in advertising as integration with our daily lives, just like we use our mobile every day for everything. This technology can be used to dynamically affect colours, avatars, timing, messaging and placement. And can influence how we use our mobile on a day-to-day basis. An example of this could be apps that can get you on the hunt for treasure while you are running (exercising) which will have you working up a sweat offering an element of fun at the same time.

AR has a huge potential because it enables brands to get consumers engaged with advertising in a way they have never before. For example, a brand that sells nail polish can allow their audience to try out their products (different colours and styles) using their mobile phones, with the ability to purchase directly. Or a brand could use AR in an advertisement to show how a sofa or chair looks in their home and if it would even fit. And even add a VR element by being able to see the product 360º.  

With all these options, the industry can change and show itself in new and improved ways. We can give consumers a new view of how they experience advertisements.        

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