Rich media – how to engage your clients with your brand through entertainment

By Lara Cocco. Posted on March 18, 2019

Do you know what Rich Media is? And why you should keep an eye on it? You may not know this term, but you were definitely impacted by it at some point in your mobile browsing experience.

The marketing and advertising professionals already know that capturing the attention of the customers is crucial for their mobile campaign’s success, but sometimes, this is easier to be said than done. We live flooded by images!  Impacted by countless ads per day! So, it is not surprising that our attention does not stick unless something is really catchy

Therefore, the creative teams need to work harder to develop a remarkable campaign, and there is a very interesting way to entice the audience to engage and interact with your content: Rich Media Ads. Maybe you didn’t hear much about it, but for sure, you were impacted by it at least once. To explain, Rich Media is every type of digital content with which the user can interact, through advanced resources such as video, audio and other elements that allow for longer engagement of the audience with a particular brand. A set of tools and technologies focused on creativity and on higher user engagement through a rich and engaging digital experience. It’s an interactive medium that communicates more effectively with different audience segments. It makes consumers engage with a brand without, necessarily, leaving the website they’re browsing.

The big deal about the Rich Media ad is that its function is to enhance the user experience, instead of stopping his digital journey. You can use the smartphone’s tools to provide an interesting experience. More than propaganda, an advertiser can be used to deliver interesting content and enrich the relationship between brands and consumers. But how does it work on practical? We have a couple of examples to share with you.

The Rich Media has a lot of different formats, for example, pieces that expand, float, files to download, instant interactions such as asking for a selfie to be inserted into the ad, promoting a quiz, including advanced animation or even using augmented reality features. You can see how these formats can work in the following mobile ads made by us.

Three Rich Media Ads to experience (use the QR codes for a full mobile involvement):

Weather Ad: This campaign was developed for Nivea, in Brazil, to promote their sun protectors and sensitize the population about the importance of protecting their skin, according to the weather condition: when UV was high, the product shown was a high protection cream, when it was low, it was shown a different product.

Walking Ad: is our award-winning campaign developed for LEGO in Portugal, with the objective to promote the 3 new products they had for Christmas. As the person walks, the little lego man walks through the different scenarios: fireman, police and volcano.

Screen Cleaner: Campaign developed for Mahou, in Spain, to pass the sensation of a very cold refrigerator full of cold beers. To pass that, the user needed to clean the screen with a finger.

Check this video to see some examples of these interactive ads:

The viewers are getting harder to impress and engage, so we must work even harder to amaze them and create a connection with your brand!

Want to know more about Rich Media? Download the Playbook “MOBILE RICH MEDIA – BEYOND FORMATS” (English version) made in partnership with Mobile Marketing Association – Brazil. You can also read the playbook in Spanish or Portuguese. 

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