YDigital Media & Crystal Fridge

By YDigital Media and Meios & Publicidade. Published October 20, 2021

YDigital Media has partnered with Crystal Screen for the exclusive sale of advertising space on CEPSA's Crystal Fridge network. He will be responsible for the entire relationship with brands and media agencies, ensuring a turnkey service.

Crystal Screen focuses on innovative video display technology on transparent LCDs: a cutting edge technology for the digital signage industry.

The display on transparent LCDs has a unique and dazzling touch, giving a unique notoriety and differentiation to build brand awareness.

Crystal Screen's first network aims to impact nearly 10,000 people a day and is available at Depaso convenience stores, at Cepsa gas stations.

What is a Crystal Fridge?

Crystal Fridge is a fridge that integrates a mixed reality screen that allows the viewer to see the real physical object inside the Crystal Fridge while the digital content is shown on the transparent screen in front of them.

Nobody is indifferent to Crystal LCDs for their innovation and their dynamic and futuristic multimedia effect, adding elements of WOW factor to a memorable experience that consumers will remember.

It is possible to advertise five brands per month, simultaneously, through slots of 10 seconds per minute. This means that a brand has the opportunity to appear 60 times an hour and impact around 9,600 people a day.

The placement of ads on Crystal Fridge is not exclusive to brands sold in stores, as this means is available for any type of product or service.

For the launch of this network, YDigital is offering special discounts for the first three months, but the offer is limited to five advertisers per month.

YDigital Media is a global company based in Portugal that offers digital media solutions, creates and manages some of the most innovative and successful campaigns around the world. It currently has more than 4000 projects carried out and 11 years of digital experience.

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